A piece of thought

Art about the now, about the subconscious sinking in information found of our surroundings and experiences, art about the observation and the need to notice, the need to acknowledge and do something about it. Art as an intermediate response to the direct and abstract input of reality. Art as a tool of detachment of the self and the exploration of inner desires within the collective without masks.
The beautiful shouldn’t be ignored but the ugly and the sad need compensation to be, needs art to be understood and accepted within. Art as poetry of current reality to be left for future generations, for society to see how we dealt with ugliness, sadness and beauty all at the same time. To create awareness through deconditioned experiences.
Art about the dismantling of the self, self-observation and self-deconstruction. Reconstruction that leads to an awareness. Subconscious of the subconscious, creates and destroys itself in an infinite cycle.
Knowledge made digestible, ripped away from its ideology, to create new ways of observation and awareness.
Multidisciplinary art to bring multidisciplinary approach, transcultural influence. Globalized.
Art as anything that can be put on display for a public with no forceful intention to be re-considered, appreciated, hated rather than simply observed (or ignored) and perceived as one unique experience piece.
I search for home, as a search for grounding. I want to come close to that vulnerable spot, to the poetry of existence. And not only mine, but also yours. In my search for home I became a great host. A collector of feelings, people, experiences, big things, small things, everything I see as material for art, and specially a lot of things that hold a memory of something that might not exist anymore. I’m bound to technology to stay close to that [home]
Art as opposition
Art as a questioning tool Art as a question to morals Art as a dance to silence Art as simple discoveries
Don’t be scared is art.

artist= container


We have been abducted by a form of digital entity. There is no denial. Anything can be captured, anything can be found. Infinite immediate satisfaction. Infinite form of participation. The one with all the “facts”. The infinite knowing, the constant feeding of the mind through two main senses. Visual and auditory senses to our top utmost attention. Alienating from the rest. Multi-present. Mood-changing, mind-changing, cultural interchanging internet. Infinite storage, extension of our body, of our memory. Unselected filtered memory. Transgressor of pandemic attitudes, influencers of the world. Family extending, digital reunions. The coming together in different realities, a window to bring you home. The means of digital tele-transportation. The forever togetherness. The immediate contact and the never alone, all dispensed by “oh-so-mighty internet”.
Siri is waiting for you. How can she help you?
The constant learning device. Omnipresent voice recognition. Adds addition. Here and now to provide you with your lack. The unknown that slowly approached, given to each other from our own kind, that rapidly changes. We adapt without a doubt, it feels normal.
Imagination without retention. Pre-recorded inspiration.
Portable Hyper reality window of the cosmos.
Everyone looks up for a superior. A need for confirmation.
Everything works towards a close enough to the optimum