drilling the blue - samantha pellarini & michiel teeuw
WHO gets to feel at home in public space? Who gets to feel comfortable, to do as they please? Who is safe, welcomed, accustomed to? These questions were the main instigator for our action-research project Drilling the Blue. feeling of belonging in public space.
about the makers:

Samantha Pellarini (1994, VE+IT) deconditions situations in order to feel at home. She approaches this project from an interest towards a spatialised sense of home and belonging.
Michiel Teeuw (1999, NL) makes images that make people do things. He approaches the project from an interest towards the public space as one to be infiltrated, one to pass in.

Aiming to speculate on the inclusive uses of public space, by being both infiltrantly under-cover, and explicitly taking up space on the other hand. Whose streets? Our streets! A key way of exploring this usage, will be Phillipine Hoegen's frame of versioning the self. We want to motivate our performers, and the viewers to explore identity, not in a specialised and narrow sense of self, but in a broad and multifaceted one.  Another informant of the project will be Heidegger's idea of the presubjective state, one of imagination where there is no judgement.

performances were executed in the streets, the public space
performers were both explorers and explored
some data was collected from this experience

games in public space
You know how you wanted to do this triangle of people? After that, they can be in columns. There's nine. When the bells ring, we move or do postures. Then we all go back to our original positions in a meditation waiting for the next bell ring. Always in this grid of nines.
To leave stuff behind, there is someone who collects it and gives it back.
if we play, we belong.