​(2020) ​[24 hr. Kunsthuis Syb-Residency]

A vision of an altered future.
A site specific exploration.
A not so Musky view on the Martian Project.
A 24-hour act, blog documentation.

What is the power of deconditioning an object or a situation?

Creating narratives is almost a natural response of the human brain. Let’s say you were to find a sparking shiny teapot in the middle of the dessert on your adventure walk. Suddenly you become interested in it. In the middle of the confusion, you stop and think, how and why did this get here? The first thing is to think that someone might have left it there, but why is it so shiny in the middle of the dessert? Maybe it has a special coating? Does it have a date of manufacture? Do the patterns in the teacup match a specific time? These are all questions encrypted in human nature in relation with the cooping of our environment. What if all this criterion were not to fit in the new perception of the world perceived through technology? Is there even an optimum related to the internet? Technological development goes and evolves faster than the “norms” that are created as a way of understanding these new perceptions. We are living in a world were no longer an optimal is enough to be able to relate because the boundaries have expanded so far of our comprehension that we are automatised to simply cope with the changes.
"Zjuul Wiersema and Samantha Pellarini, explore and creatively research nature and innovations of science and technology as imagination feeder and a new way of environment adaptation. Zjuul focuses on the discovery of new artificial wildlife while Samantha’s interest lays on the psychological aspects of such changes in memory and intuition of the human kind, sponsored by technology. Could this be a key to bring us closer to it?"